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Customizable and reliable, Catalist was designed to give you control over the influencer marketing data you want, when you want it.

Marketing agencies trust Catalist for their social data.

Rich influencer data
right at your fingertips.

🚀  Infinite potential

Put down the scraper

Catalist provides reliable, up-to-date data, eliminating the need for tedious scraping processes.

Unlock insights and stay ahead with AI

Enhance functionality and improve accuracy, all while staying competitive through insights and predictions.

Accessible long after 24 hours

Say goodbye to vanishing stories! By archiving data, Catalist ensures you can revisit content again and again.

Need more? We got you.

Catalist effortlessly handles substantial data volumes and user requests, maintaining consistent performance as demand grows.

🔒  Core features

Topic sentiment analysis

Explore any topic, on any subject, through searches. Catalist generates comprehensive reports reflecting collective opinions expressed across multiple channels.

⚙️Flexible and adaptable

Freedom at our core

Choose the data and the workflow that works for you - all for a fair and transparent price.

Engine for in-house apps

Any application that speaks the common REST protocol can leverage Catalist and its data, making it a great engine to power custom apps.

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Supported Networks
Instagram and TikTok
Each network is a paid add-on
Web unblocker
Our advanced AI-unblocking technology gets through even the most difficult pages
Typically ranges from $4k per month to $15k/20k per month
Rotating residential and mobile
Typically ranges from $99 + $7/GB per month or more.
Access to instagram stories and TikTok media assets hosted on our CDN
Most competitors don't offer this feature

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